Mark Baldwin, or SillyBeggar, is an Artist and Writer from Dublin, Ireland

A Brief History

I’ve been a serious scribbler since I could grasp a pencil.

In school, I was constantly reprimanded for doodling in the back of my copybooks. But it was to my credit as I got accepted to study Animation in College

After college, I created cartoons for my YouTube Channel

Which led to getting commissioned as writer and director of my animation TV series Ends Meet for the National Broadcaster RTÉ

Available on the Rté Player (in Ireland)

I publish a humour zine from my Patreon page called The Scrag which is a home for my art and writing between projects

Besides speculatively illustrating and writing I’ve also been teaching myself game design, visual effects and just making fun things to make my family and friends laugh

If you’d like to contact me for work or anything

send it to SillyBeggar (at) Gmail.com

Press Quotes for Ends Meet

Here are some of the nice things that were said about my tv show Ends Meet

“Mark Baldwin, who writes, directs and provides voices, has created a fully formed comic world that’s both
very Dublin and indelibly influenced by international TV animation. The protagonists are drawn and painted
but have something that’s remarkably rare among Irish sitcom characters: three dimensions.” – The Sunday Times

“This brilliant Irish animation (Ends Meet) is being buried late at night on RTE for some reason. Really well
made and scripted on what I’m sure was a tiny budget ” – The Rubber Bandits

“I really like the heart and the realism and the characterization
…it does remind me of early Simpsons” – Bill Oakley (Simpsons writer)